Custom business databases

Your business is most likely, in at least some ways, unique. That means you will need at least some business tools created just for you.

The records you keep in your business are unlikely to fit a record structure already developed or used by some other business, unless you run a franchise business. That means you need a record structure, in by far the majority of cases a relational database schema, developed just for your business. A perfect fit with what you need will lead to greater efficiency, convenience and most likely profits.

You will go through a process of discovery to find out exactly how what you need can be best reflected in a relational database. To get started contact us and tell us what you need. Do download the document on the contact page about how to specify your requirements.

Your database in the cloud

There are so many good reasons to go this way, it's hard to know where to start. Maybe the biggest attraction is that anyone who needs to work with the database will always have the latest data available and can access it from any device connected to the Internet. at any time, from anywhere. Needless to say, your users have to log in with user names and passwords to access your data.

Add to that that you need no special software on any end user computer to go this way - just a browser, which is standard with every computer. No more expensive software outlays to keep up to date.

Cloud hosting is very reliable. Concerns like Amazon Web Services offer cloud hosting to a great many big business concerns. All one needs is a computer that connects to the Internet.

An additional bonus is that Cloud hosting is cheap and becoming cheaper. It's also becoming easier to manage.' There is really no reason not to go this way. To get started contact us and tell us about what you want.

Your own online shop

If you have a product or service that can be sold on the Internet, your best choice is your own online shop which puts you in charge. Use PayPal so that:

  • clients can pay with a credit card whether they are PayPal members, or not
  • clients can pay directly from a bank account linked to PayPal
  • clients who are members of PayPal can pay from their PayPal account

There are many cookie cutter shop providers on the Internet. With many of them you won't even have your own, unique domain name. Obviously, if your shop just happens to conform with what they think a shop should be, they will prove adequate. On the other hand, if you want a shop the way you want it to be, there's just one way to go - have an Internet shop custom made for you.

To find out more about online shops click on the preceding link. You will find all you need to know to decide if an online shop is the way for you to go. To get started contact us and tell us what you need in an online shop.

Web applications work for you

Just think how much less work there would be if members or customers could log into their own accounts to do what they can readily do themselves, like updating their contact details.

Banks and many other big business concerns have been doing this for years. Everybody knows banks have been able to close down branch offices because customers can now interact with the bank on the Internet. Your business may not at present be organised along those lines, but a few changes in how you do things can save you much, even in a relatively short time.

This is the way things are going. You can choose to stay behind and let higher operating costs eventually drive you under, or you can do the clever thing - the choice is yours. To get started contact us and tell us and tell us about your business.