Database Designer, Database Application Developer, Online Shops

Our values

  • Everything we do has a solid foundation of know-how behind it
  • Every application is designed to be the best possible fit to the needs of the client
  • Our database applications are quality, ultra reliable, robust, highly functional business tools designed for heavy use
  • No smoke and mirrors - we don't use appearance to compensate for lack of functionality

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What we offer you

  • Custom business databases professionally designed to your specific needs
  • Database application development to interact with your custom database
  • The above two, rolled into one, networked and available from anywhere. Example: the Maitland Business Guide
  • Online shop design and creation and all that goes with it

Networked databases

Unless you are a very small concern accessing your database always from the same machine, a networked database is what you need.

Just think how much more productive you can be when you can work from anywhere.

The advantages of a networked database

  • The database is accessible and usable from any machine on the network, which can be the Internet
  • Whoever accesses the database from wherever always has up to the second data
  • It is not necessary to install any software on the users' computers - all that is needed is a web browser and access to the network where the database is
  • All changes are always only made to the server running the database and web application - user machines are left untouched
  • These databases are massively scalable and can be used by a great many users at the same time
  • Different roles can be assigned to different users to reflect their roles and powers in the business
  • Software costs are mostly low

Thing we do

The above should give you some idea about what we do and what we can do for you. You may find useful content under "Tutorials" and "Good to Know" on the right side. Contact us and let's get going.