Different Products

In most cases clients ask for products tailor made for their specific needs. However, some of the components tend to be used repeatedly in different applications, and some applications can be used with little modification by others. Here are a few such "products" which can be adapted in little time to suit different people.

Multiple Choice Test Software

jTest is a multiple choice test application. It has the following properties:

  • each test can have any number of questions and each question any number of possibilities
  • each test can be preceded by any number of pages text, like for a comprehension test
  • each question can have an image
  • as soon as the student submits the test it is graded and his grades displayed to him
  • there are various report formats, each available as a pdf document for printing

A few of the report formats are as follows:

  • for a single class for a single test showing
    • the score for each student
    • the distribution of scores in the class
    • the average score for the class as a whole
  • details for one student for one test showing
    • the response of the student for each question
    • the right answer for that question

jTest is very easy to use for both students and teachers. Contact database applications to get a pdf of the user instructions.

Form Mailer

jMailer is a web application that receives the input from any web form and emails it to one or more email recipients. Configuration is easy and straight-forward.

jMailer has been tested with Tomcat and JBoss. Download jMailer and receive a zipped archive with extensive instructions on how to use it. This is totally free.

Shopping Carts

Database Applications has implemented various shopping carts. A recent one is a Grails shopping cart created to interact with PayPal. All an item for sale needs to be usable by this shopping cart is a name and a price. This can be ready for anybody in a short time. Contact database applications and let us know what you want.

Case Tracking for Lawyers

Some legal offices spend too much time on clients phoning in to find out how their cases are progressing. This web application allows users to see the stages their cases are at without calling in to the office. When their cases are updated, they are sent emails notifying them of the new stages reached by their cases. You can have this, with only the name of the law firm changed and your own terms and conditions on the relevant page, for AUD280.00, excluding hosting and a domain name. Further changes will cost more, based on the time it takes for those changes. This can be ready for anybody in a short time. Contact database applications and let us know what you want.


Scheduler is for entering schedules based on markers like:

  • a cycling day, like every third Tuesday
  • an ordinal day in a month, like every second Monday of the month
  • a date, like the 18th of any month of your choice or every month
  • the first and/or last working days (Monday - Friday) of any month of your choice or every month

Genealogical Databases

A client wanted a web-accessible database for Maori family trees. This client had a version of his data running on in a GEDCOM based framework. GEDCOM is the Church of Latter Day Saints (Mormons) genealocical software. It is not a relational database and the model contains quite a lot of unnecessary redundancy. Maori family trees contain data about Maori tribes, subtribes and clans - called by Maori names. After careful study of the GEDCOM model and creation of a relational schema all the data of this GEDCOM database was migrated to this relational schema.

It's possible to create any genealogical structure and deploy it to the Internet. This can also be ready for anybody in a short time. Contact database applications and let us know what you want.